Pantone 2016: Serenity Inspired Custom Cocktail

Pantone 2016 Serenity Inspired "Aviation Cocktail" - perfect as a custom cocktail for a wedding!

Pantone 2016 Serenity Inspired "Aviation Cocktail" - perfect as a custom cocktail for a wedding!

Do you love Pantone's Colors of the Year for 2016?  Rose Quartz and Serenity are such soft, romantic colors - perfect for a wedding!

And one of my favorite personalized elements for any wedding is a custom cocktail.  Couples are getting so creative, moving past the standard vodka sodas or even beyond an upgrade Moscow Mule!  But blue is tricky.  If someone asks you to picture a blue cocktail, most likely something neon colored, sticky-sweet and completely hangover-inducing comes to mind!

But if you're looking for a more subtle option, a blue with hints of grey and lilac, something as soft and romantic as Serenity, I have just the thing!

The "Aviation Cocktail" uses Creme de Violette it's lovely color.  It is gin-based, deliciously floral and not too sweet.  Created in the early 20th Century, it fell out of favor as Creme de Violette became hard to find in the United States.  But Creme de Violette is back, you can find it at many larger liquor stores!

So if you're using Serenity as inspiration for your wedding, consider adding the Aviation Cocktail to the list of surprises in store for your guests!

This cocktail is traditionally served in a Martini glass without ice.  But if that is too hard to manage for your guests (or your venue doesn't carry them) a rocks glass is just fine.  And if your guests are slow sippers (this drink packs a punch, slow sipping advised!), adding a large ice cube will keep the chill.


1.5 ounces Gin (I prefer Hendricks)
1/2 ounce Luxardo (many bars stock this)
1/2 ounce fresh lemon juice
1/4 ounce Creme de Violette


Combine in shaker with ice.  Shake.  Strain into glass of choice.

One note, add too much Creme de Violette and your drink veer towards purple.  A little less and your drink will have more of a gray tone.


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