Jake and Makinzie - Full Planning... venue already in place

We are 100% certain that hiring Jenn was the single-most important decision we made while planning our wedding. We live in Minnesota, & had already booked a 3-day destination wedding venue in CO by the time we looked for a coordinator. We were freaking out over the logistics of pulling this off, & doing so within our budget. We first met Jenn over the phone, & felt instant rapport with her. We could immediately tell she was NOT a novice. She let us tell her about our vision (which, at the time was kind of all over the place) & helped us hone it in a little, even before we hired her. After receiving pricing info, it was a no-brainer. We could already tell she was worth more than she was asking.
Throughout the planning process, Jenn consistently went above & beyond her contractual duties. Because of Jenn's professionalism, she has many vendors who are eager & willing to work with her, and at amazing rates. Jenn is worth every penny we paid her & then some, considering how much money she saved us with her knowledge of what was & what was not a reasonable quote from various vendors. We expected to be under much more stress during the planning than we ever actually were. Jenn took on every stressful duty so we never had to. We told her what we wanted, she made it happen within our budget. She paid such close attention to our needs, we felt like we were the only couple she was working with (we weren't).
As a Bride, I knew what I wanted, but worried that my aspirations were probably too high & we might have to settle for "close" to the images I had pinned. In reality, Jenn was able to pull everything off even BETTER than we ever could have imagined!! It sounds corny, but we were truly blown away, & so were all of our guests. We wish we could hire her to coordinate our day-to-day lives!!
Please reach out to us if you have questions about our experience: jake.and.mak@gmail.com
We simply can't put our thanks adequately into words.  We miss our calls with your already, you are a true professoinal and an absolute Rockstar wedding planner, but an even better human being.  We are lucky we found you!

James and Alastair - Full Planning Service

We arrived home from Arizona yesterday and there was a pyramid of Crate & Barrel boxes waiting for us outside our door.  Those boxes wouldn't have been there if Jenn hadn't worked so hard, been so dedicated, and put so much thought into everything she did for us.
We both agree that our wedding was a tremendous success.  We have received many compliments from many people, so please now accept this compliment from us: thank you.  Thank you for everything that you've done!  You were an indispensable guide during this significant event in our lives.

Jason and Melissa - Partial Planning

Working with Jenn was easily the best decision we could have made throughout this entire wedding process. From the very beginning she made us feEl so comfortable and really encouraged us to plan the wedding of our dreams, all within our budget. Her professionalism, communication and quick responsiveness really made the planning process seem so seamless, and she was always willing to go above and beyond! I feel like she added so much value to our wedding - everything from the different types of vendors to look at, to styling details you'd never think about, to the overall guest experience - she doesn't let anything slip past her! Jason and I said throughout the entire process how lucky we were to have found her. She was an absolute pleasure to work with and I honestly can't recommend her enough!!!

Liz and Casey - Wedding Management

Jenn was everything I could have ever hoped for in a wedding planner! She truly made our October mountain wedding the event of a lifetime. My now husband was deployed for the majority of the planning process and not only was he on the other side of the world but, the most of my support system (including my Mom and Matron of Honor) was on the other side of the country... Jenn made this monumental stress seem like a minor detail. The organization and direction she provided was priceless, not to mention her calm and warm demeanor made me feel instantly comfortable. The day of our wedding I was able to enjoy my husband and our families without an ounce of stress. I now know there was a lot going on behind the scenes (like the dance floor nearly being broken in two prior to the ceremony, a fox looming outside of the reception tent, and oh yeah a snowstorm when I was "promised" sixty degrees) but, I was able to just be a blissful bride because of Jenn.

Sarah and Mark - Wedding Management

When my fiancé and I got engaged we did not have a lot of family who lived in state so thinking about the wedding planning process was very difficult. We wanted someone who we really felt comfortable around and someone who felt excited to work with us. Jen made this process so flawless for the both of us. Her attention to detail and patience with her couples does not go unnoticed. She planned and organized our entire wedding and really listened to our vision and made it a reality. Our guests as well as ourselves were in awe by her beautiful styling. She took the time to get to know my fiancé and I as a couple over the span of our engagement and she became a great friend to the both of us. Anyone, if you are looking for a wedding planner, please look no further. She is amazing and so kind, involving her was truly the best decision we made.

Kelli and Dave - Wedding Management

Jen was awesome to work with!! Great at multitasking and very detail oriented. I couldn't have done it without her. She went above and beyond before during and even after our wedding. We had a couple issues with transportation and she totally organized a solution and got everyone to the wedding. I was a worry free bride.