Full Planning Service

This service is designed for couples who would like expert design, guidance and advice throughout their wedding planning experience, who prefer to focus on the larger picture and leave the day-to-day organization and communication to someone else.  Perfect for those who live out of state, have crazy, busy lives, or just prefer to enjoy the fun parts of planning a wedding while delegating the behind-the-scenes details needed to make an event run seamlessly.
Starting at $7,500


The Experience


My Full Planning Service allows couples to truly enjoy their wedding planning process and host a unique event that will wow their family and friends.  With this level of service, I am dedicated to helping you plan an extraordinary event from start to finish.  I will be your main point of contact, coordinating with your other wedding professionals directly.  Together we will design a distinctive wedding, stepping away from Pinterest Boards and crafting an event with beloved elements from your love story, daily life, and your favorite memories.

We will meet as often as you like, some clients prefer a weekly standing phone meeting, others prefer to focus on email and file sharing.  Whatever works best for you!

I want to make sure that your wedding design shines! I include styling sessions into your wedding day timeline to showcase your personal details in a beautiful, editorial manner.  We will design your wedding day with "Wow!" moments for your guests to experience through the event, making sure the day flows smoothly and the experience builds for those loved ones celebrating with you!

On the day of your wedding, I am available from the moment the beauty team arrives until the last item is cleaned up from your dance floor. I am there to ensure that everything is planned, coordinated, and accomplished, with both your dreams and your guests' entertainment and comfort in mind!

The Process

First, we will meet to discuss your top priorities, dream venues, and ideal budget.  From that meeting, we will begin our venue search.  I will provide you with a list of venues that are available, will fit your guest count, and have the the perfect backdrop for your wedding vision.

After we tour your top three venues and you decide where you will host your dream wedding, we will begin the process of wedding design (the most fun part, aside from your wedding day!).  You will be as involved as you want to be while designing your wedding, everything will be curated with your dream and vision in mind!

After we have your custom design nailed down, we will find your ideal wedding professional team!  I will provide recommendations tailored to your design and budget, pre-qualify your options to ensure availability, and guide you through the process of interviewing and finding your dream team.

I drive the entire planning process, making sure that we are on track, checking in to make sure your vision hasn't shifted, and confirming that you are really enjoying designing your wedding.

From the day we begin planning through the very end of your wedding, I will help make sure that you and your fiance have a delightful experience!